Pipkin Exposes Mikulski’s Shoddy Environmental Record

CONTACT: Carrie Gentile, 518-524-7126

Stevensville, MD – The Pipkin for U.S. Senate Campaign today launched a fourth campaign ad unveiling Senator Mikulski’s dismal record on improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Who knew? “The Chesapeake Bay is what sets Marylanders apart and binds us together. It is the hallmark of this state, and Mikulski has not done her job in the Senate to restore it,” said State Senator E.J. Pipkin. “In fact, the Bay has gotten worse under her watch. She had 18 years in the U.S. Senate to improve the Bay and she has not fulfilled her duty.” The :30 spot, which is airing on all the networks throughout the state and the Washington suburbs, hits on three Chesapeake environmental issues that Mikulski has not remedied – the decrease in oysters, crabs and bay grasses. “Under Mikulski’s tenure, a lot of Maryland tax-payer dollars have been spent, trying to improve the Bay. The result? A lot of money spent with no improvements to the Bay,” said Pipkin. The ad also mentions E.J.’s efforts to save the Bay from added pollutants. In 1999, E.J. initiated a successful citizen’s effort to ban open-dumping in the Chesapeake Bay. The citizen’s effort, led by E.J., culminated into successfully banning the practice of dumping dredge spoils into the open Chesapeake Bay. This is the third commercial that informs Maryland voters of Senator Mikulski’s contradictory and out-of-touch voting record. ###