Mikulski Votes to Help Herself

CONTACT: Carrie Gentile, Aileen Kelly

Not Military Families
Today the Pipkin for U.S. Senate campaign launched its third TV ad criticizing Senator Mikulski’s poor voting record on national security -who knew! “It is sad that in today’s day and age, when there are poorly paid military personnel at check-out counters with food stamps to feed their family, their U.S. Senator is voting not to increase their pay but to increase her own,” Pipkin states. “She talks about being for our troops, but when our troops needed new equipment she opposed them and voted against funding the B2 bomber & F18 fighter. If this is her idea of support, then we can do better.” The two votes mentioned above are highlighted in the Pipkin campaign’s third spot that began airing today in the Washington and Baltimore markets. The :30 commercial exposes key Mikulski nay votes on military and national defense projects. “The military and our national security are of the utmost importance to the safety and security of the people of Maryland. It is time the people of this great state have a voice in Washington that will vote in line with the values they have here at home”, says Pipkin. “Senator Mikulski’s voting record clinched the decision for me to enter this race. Does she think Maryland voters wouldn’t see the disconnect between her Maryland image and her Washington voting record? I feel that it is important that I shed light on this and offer Maryland a positive alternative for the future,” said Pipkin. ###