Liberal Paper Releases Bogus French Poll

CONTACT: Carrie Gentile, Aileen Kelly

Baltimore Sun touts poll conducted by France-based Company
Stevensville, MD – “The Democrats want us to ask France’s permission before we wage a war on terror, now they want France to decide our next president,” said state senator E.J. Pipkin. E.J.’s comment was sparked by today’s Baltimore Sun article that released a bogus poll putting E.J. far behind his opponent Barbara Mikulski. The newspaper hired Paris-based company Ipsos Public Affairs to conduct the poll. When the Sun called us for a comment, they told us the company’s base was in DC. But after going to Ipsos’ own website it was revealed that the Sun once again did not do its homework. Campaign Manager Dave Brunckhorst repudiates the use of a polling company from France. “It is not suprising that a well-known liberal paper like the Sun would use a company from such a liberal country like France,” said Brunckhorst. “They outsourced the poll, Dial 1 (800) FRANCE.” “This is a page right out of the democratic playbook – to use a bogus poll to quell Republican voter turnout. This is a cookie-cutter Democrat campaign tactic that has been used nation wide,” stated Brunckhorst. “It is preposterous to believe that John Kerry is doing better in Maryland than he is doing in his liberal home state of Massachusetts,” he added. The Ipsos results are unlike all other political polls conducted recently on this U.S. Senate race. Even the Gonzales poll, a democratic poll that was released earlier this month had Pipkin closer in the race. ###