E.J. Pipkin is running for the United States Senate because it is time Maryland had a common sense voice in the United State Senate. It is time we had a U.S. Senator, who will fight for working families.

In Annapolis, E.J. Pipkin has worked with Governor Ehrlich to hold the line on taxes, improve education, provide affordable healthcare, and protect the Chesapeake Bay.

In this section, you can learn where E.J. Pipkin stands on the issues you really care about. If you have a question about an issue that doesn’t exist on the website, please don’t hesitate to call us at 410-643-6319.

Maryland’s working families deserve elected officials who work to save money by limiting government and providing them tax relief so that they are able to take home more of their hard earned tax dollars.

Time and again my opponent has voted against giving Maryland’s working families the relief they deserve to balance their household budgets. At the same time, she is one of the top spenders in Washington and was one of the deciding votes that defeated a bill requiring the government to balance its budget each year. As your U.S. Senator, I will work to curb government spending and give tax relief for our families.

State Senator E.J. Pipkin believes that in order to achieve the American Dream, you need to have the best education possible and that it is the responsibility of government to help provide that opportunity.

In order for our children and grandchildren to have the best education possible, three things must take place. Government must provide the resources that public schools need in order to succeed; we must hold them accountable for the resources that we give them; and if they fail, we need to give parents the opportunity to send their children to better schools regardless of economic status.

As State Senator, E.J. Pipkin has followed these three principles when casting his vote and will continue to follow these same principles as our next United States Senator.

Social Security and Medicare
Today, a significant portion of medical costs for seniors is attributable to paying for prescription drug and preventative medicines. The 2003 Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit passed by Congress recognizes this and takes the first step in providing our seniors with relief from soaring drug costs. My opponent voted against that bill and turned her back on thousands of Maryland seniors who would have benefited.

Though not perfect, it is a step in the right direction and now is the time for us to go further in providing our seniors with the relief they deserve. We must encourage competition in the prescription drug market.

America must keep its promise to its seniors regarding Medicare and insure that it is viable for generations to come. Our current elected officials talk a lot about protecting Medicare but offer very little as far as solutions that will guarantee its viability.

One of the easiest ways to protect Social Security and Medicare is to protect its surpluses from being used for other purposes. I would support these efforts. In contrast, my opponent voted in 2002 to use Social Security surpluses to help fund other government programs.

My first experience in Maryland public policy was fighting to protect the Chesapeake Bay from our own government.

Government is supposed to be a steward of our environment and lead the way in protecting it. Too many times, government imposes strict regulations on private business while at the same time not holding itself accountable for the same regulations.

I am committed to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and restoring its health and vitality.