A Glove for Everyday use

It seems everywhere we look today, in all industries and businesses, we see workers using hygienic disposable gloves. At one time these gloves were rarely found outside the healthcare industry but now it would seem their benefit has been realised universally. It’s not uncommon to see them being used in kitchens, garages, retail shops, tattoo parlours, or construction sites. Their hygienic aspect has been overshadowed by the general protective benefits provided by their use. Employers everywhere are now more likely than ever to have supplies of disposable gloves on their premises. No matter the industry, a task will always arise which requires an immediate and usually temporary level of protection which these gloves so readily provide.


Here are five task which might arise in any home or workplace for which hygienic disposable gloves would be very useful:

  1. Refuse spills – Whether at work or at home, it’s a good idea not to be sifting through rotten garbage with bare hands. Refuse bags are known to rip or tear and the ensuing mess can be very unpleasant to clean up.  Having disposable gloves nearby can help a lot.
  2. Pet Poo – Gardens and backyards can become a minefield of dog poo if owners don’t regularly clean up after their pets. Many put this task off because it is so unpleasant, but being well equipped for the task can make the job that little bit easier to endure.
  3. Blocked Toilet – It’s going to happen sometime, and nobody should be calling a plumber until a basic attempt at unblocking a pipe has been made.  Unfortunately most of us don’t have draining rods at home, and if we want to save ourselves a call out charge maybe it’s best just to don a pair of disposable gloves and grope around until the blockage is broken up.
  4. Cleaning an Oven – A tedious yet necessary task. Every now and then we must pay serious attention to the inside of an oven. However, the chemicals used for this job are often quite irritating to the skin. It’s much safer to don a pair of disposables while working. The grease and carbon which comes out in a clean can often make quite a mess too.  Best not to use more expensive gloves for this one.
  5. Painting – Paints and paint remover can be harsh on the skin. Also, oil based paints can be difficult to remove from the hands, particularly around the fingernails.  Heavy duty gloves may be unsuitable if a delicate touch is  involved in the paint work. Disposable gloves offer protection against harsh chemicals but still allow a degree of sensitivity.


rubber gloveThere are many retailers who offer a selection of disposable gloves for everyday use. Industrial providers like Bastion Pacific supply not only to the workplace but to members of the public as well.  Most suppliers can advise on the particular type of glove that is best suited to a customer’s needs.



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