Considerations when Buying a new Kitchen

kitchenThere’s nothing like a new kitchen to make a house feel more like a home. It’s often the most overlooked room in a property, but despite its functionality a kitchen should be an attractive area. This raises extra added problems when it comes to design. First and foremost a kitchen needs to be a place where we can safely and hygienically prepare and cook food, and store provisions and utensils. But this requires a homeowner to spend a substantial amount to time there, and nobody wants to to spend an unnecessary amount of time in drap, functional surroundings.


Buying Options

If a new kitchen is required for a home, or an existing kitchen needs to be replaced, there are two popular options: many retailers provide already made units which can be cut to size and altered to fit a particular space. This is usually the cheapest option and with the huge availability of pre-made kitchens already on the market, buyers are likely to find a style which suits their needs. However, the practicalities of finding an attractive design which can work around a predefined space can be trickier than expected. Retailers will make many claims about the ease in which their product can be adapted to any home, but the reality can often be very different.  Unforeseen plumbing issues, imprecise measurements, and variations on gas or electrical connections are common errors which can force unwanted, and sometimes unsightly, alterations on a new kitchen. The liability for this work will rest solely with the buyer. Even if a retailer is responsible for fitting the kitchen there will have been agreements made prior to purchase regarding the possibility that small amendment may have to be carried out, and customers are obliged to live with this risk.


kitchenThe other option is to employ a design company to create a customized kitchen. This is without doubt the most logical choice. The whole process, from initial design to full implementation, is the responsibility of one company. All the necessary measurements, statistics, safety guidelines, and legislation is taken care of by professionals who must manage the entire project to a highly efficient level or face the prospect of non payment.  This option puts the potential buyer in a much more powerful position. If the work is not carried out to the specification agreed upon there is ample reason to withhold payment until the work has be completed to a satisfactory level.  If a provider refuses to fulfil their contractual obligation the customer has every right to refuse payment until the necessary work is carried out.

There are several providers in Australia who guarantee to complete an installation to the stated specification before payment is expected. Companies like Kitchen Essence in Sydney will walk customers through the process from initial consultation, design, and quote, to method statement, schedule, and installation.  Only after completion, and when a customer has had time to inspect a finished kitchen, should any payment be made to a provider.

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