Beware of the Bargains

mattress It’s maybe one of those items which traditionally would have required a trip to a specialist high street retailer. Buying a mattress was a purchase which inevitably involved a lot of leg and some logistical planning. Retailers have always been willing to deliver to a customer’s home but there would always be an additional cost, and deliveries were usually based around a fully booked delivery schedule – if it was not financially viable to deliver on a given day the customer was obliged to wait until it was viable. However, online sales have changed attitudes regarding customer care. In today’s market no one business can dominate a specialist product like in years gone by. There is simply too much competition on a global scale. This means you can buy foam mattresses online from any number of suppliers from all over the world.  A good thing for sure, but problems do arise when so many manufacturers and suppliers offer goods at prices a lot less than they are used to in the Australian market. This is where common sense and commercial savvy can help customers make a more balanced purchase.


False Economy

foamWhen researching a new foam mattress online there will always be, or what appears to be, bargains that many people find hard to resist. Cheap imported mattresses from abroad, particularly China, have swamped the online market. They offer fantastic savings on products which are generic imitations of branded Australian goods. The money concerned can be quite substantial, with foreign goods retailing at half that of domestic products. However, the average Australian consumer has become accustomed to the statutory rights and guarantees enjoyed throughout Australia, and expects the same level of trading standard with all online purchases. Unfortunately there is little recompense for a consumer who buys a foreign product from a foreign company. Unless the business is based in Australia there is little chance of any consumer standards being enforced, and the only possible course of course of action is to appeal for goodwill from the seller.  This can be a fruitless labour, however there are many  overseas suppliers who do adhere to ethical standards, and it is possible to pursue a company through the legal system in it’s own country.  If a foreign company wishes to estable strong trading links in Australia there is little profit in showing poor customer relations and by virtue of a desire for increased trade there will always be occasions when a customer is treated fairly.

However, this still falls short of the statutory rights guaranteed to consumers under Australian law. If there is any fault with any goods purchased, or there has been a misleading sales tactic, a company in Australia has no option but to honour the mistake. And if the error causes significant distress or harm there is potential for customers to be awarded fair compensation.

Companies like Australian based ACT Foam are examples of online retailers who will honour all sales under domestic law. It is important to consider when buying an online mattress if your statutory rights will be upheld in the event of being sold a faulty or misleading product.

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