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As the Pipkin campaign develops over the next several months, so too will our website. Please check back frequently to find out more information about our campaign.

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Showcase Events

On the Road to meet the people.

In an effort to get the message out about the ideals and goals which have led him to seek a senate seat. E.J. Pipkin will be conducting an inaugural “meet, greet, listen and learn” road trip during January. Many people these days have major time constraints which prevent them from attending rallies and speaking first hand to political candidates. E.J. Pipkin believes he understands the needs of working people and is genuinely interested in hearing about the issues which concern the man and woman in the street. At each rally several event marquees with refreshments available will be provided for the comfort of those attending.

He intends to talk to people about the ways in which he envisages Government can reduce taxes through addressing wasteful expenditure and duplicated services. He would also like to talk to people about the high cost of prescription medication and health services.

Pipkin fully supports our defence personnel and is interested in hearing from veterans. He wants to know about how their combat service has affected them personally and professionally and is keen to devise programs which will better integrate former service personnel into civilian life.

Mr Pipkin believes that Homeland security must be of the highest priority to preserve our way of life and to keep the citizens of this great country safe and prosperous. He would like to talk to the people about their concerns on matters of safety and security and how recent developments on the world stage have had an impact upon their lives.

We all know that education is the key to success and that an educated population has better social, financial and personal outcomes. Educators often work with limited resources and funding and Mr Pipkin intends to speak to teachers, lecturers and parents about their experiences and expectations for the future of education and the establishment of  a Department of Educational Infrastructure Services.

Mr Pipkin believes that environmental degradation of the natural environment is a major problem in some areas. He knows environmetal protection and conservation doesn’t always get the funding and recognition it deserves. Mr Pipkin believes that a higher priority must be given to the preservation of our natural heritage and would like to discuss local environmetal issues with local people. If you have concerns about the preservation and care of your local natural environment please take the time to meet Mr Pipkin when he is in your area. He will listen to your concerns.

Please take a moment to check when E.J. Pipkin will be available in your area. Pipkin is for the Senate because he will listen to the people.